After Writing: The Liturgical Consummation of Philosophy

This looks pretty good, and may serve as a good resource for those who participate in such discussions.


Nice :) :

from article Wrote:Now, here is some history that I don't think has been put into print. For the Cardinal Archbishop of New York, John Cardinal O'Connor, had already heard that this phenom was in town. So when we all went to Mass that Sunday, he was very excited to meet her. When they met, Pickstock and he spoke and spoke, but at some point she said gently to him: "I understand that you do not have the Tridentine form of the Missal at this Cathedral? Would you consider permitting it

His response came immediately: "Absolutely. Consider it done." everyone's was done. This was years before Summorum Pontificum but the decision had a huge influence on the changing culture of the Catholic liturgy. If St. Patrick's could do this, it was something permissible to do. I have no doubt that this moment helped pave the way. And of course this wonderful book changed the environment completely. It caused a completely rethinking of the way intellectuals think about liturgy. It made possible the currently liberality that is ours todays.

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