Fourth of July reading - Immortale Dei
Happy Fourth of July to everyone.

I am blown away by the wisdom in Pope Leo XIII's Immortale Dei (On the Christian Constitution of States), 1885  - -  It's a great time to read this encyclical both because of today's date, and because of the present state of things going on in this country (and the world for that matter), and especially in light of the USCCB's "Fortnight for Freedom" efforts.

Would that we would have listened. We being humanity in general, especially us Catholics.

This is a great idea! Thanks, DD  :grin:

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Leo XIII apparently penned all his own encyclicals, and what an "encyclicist" he is!

On the nature of true liberty (Libertas Praestantissimum) by Pope Leo XIII is another good, pertinent one.

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