Curious about joining an SSPX Monastery
Quote:I am not an emotional man and am constantly rationalizing dogma of the faith etc., not being "carried away" by chant or something into emotional feelings. Not at all.

These aren't really fair comments, I must say. Some truly brilliant thinkers have been from the East. They ain't pentecostals, good sir.
Thanks for the replies. 
Although the Redemptorists sound like a good group of men, I am a little weary.  I dont believe in mixing Eastern and Western liturgies, and I have often heard from some priests that it isnt advisable to do such, since their spiritualities are very different.  But, they may be good to get advice from :)
Thank you again!
Dear Drew,
1. These traditional Redemptorists DO NOT MIX THE RITES OR SPIRITUALITY!!!! They are not Novus Ordo self made liturgists or something! The monks are separated and follow this or that rite.
The monks and sisters and fathers are trained in the eastern rites, but they follow OR the Roman Rite OR an Eastern rite.
2. It is nonsense to say it is "dangerous" to have them together. That would be superioristic in the sense, that the Eastern spirituality is better or something. Not at all. The Redemptorists in the Ukraine did a great job and were trained for both rites.
3. I don't know what priest told you, but he is incorrect, that having a joint mission is evil, considering the fact that even Pope Saint Pius X celebrated the Old Slavonic Divine Liturgy in Saint Peter's once and the Redemptorists and Basilians are approved  by the Holy See to have western and eastern rite missions, even joint, if necessary.
So there is no reason to be "afraid" of "mixing" or something. I really can't see or understand why you make a problem of the Redemptorists having eastern and western rite priests in one monastery. Each one follows his own rite.
Again: I think you should train and learn more in the Faith and test yourself, before entering an order, if you only rely on "well I'd like that" "but this or that priest told me that". It should be your own choice, with your own information and accord.

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