Curious about joining an SSPX Monastery
Quote:Also, I have been considering over the past month Eastern Catholicism.  Im starting to fall more and more in love with the Eastern spirituality.  Maybe that is where God wants me?  I dont know.
Dear Drewmeister,
I hope you are not only considering aesthetic aspects of spirituality as important. They are not the prime factor.
Eastern Catholicism is great, but I think it should be reserved to those from the original Rite areas.
Your rite, considering your German name, is the Roman Rite, the Latin Rite at least.
I know the mystical environment and prayers of the Eastern Rites might attract, but they are the same in essential as the Roman Rite, which is not as "emotional" as the Eastern Rite. The Roman Rite is very sober, straight, just, plain, but its simplicity makes it great. It gives the Western European mentality: Romanic and Germanic countries both included.
You don't have to "throw out" the FSSP, but just consider what you would be able to do in good conscience. Would you once a year approve Communion in the hand and the New Mass, while the rest of the year you're acting against it? That's what many Indult sites have to do, although many of their monasteries do not fortunately.
I think you should take your time to discern your vocation. Considering you are going from Benedictine to Eastern Rite from SSPX to FSSP to Indult and from Neo conservative to traditionalist, it is important for you to first get stability in your thoughts and opinions and explore what is your position in traditional Roman Catholicism, and whether you would e.g. want to enter the traditional SSPX-affiliated Redemptorists in England and Scotland (they own an island: Papa Stronsay)... ( They have eastern rite monks and priests along side traditional ROman Rite ones, both traditional ROman Catholic of course, just other rites (traditional Maronite, traditional Russian, Ruthenian, Byzantine Greek, Syriac). (They have Russian Rite nuns and Basilian sisters in the Ukraine too.) They are less harsh and strict than the traditional OSB rules.
More open and missionizing in parishes etc. etc.
A friend of mine who is a lawyer went there for a retreat in Scotland. He told me he could attend the Divine Liturgy there and the Roman Rite. They have two little chapels for both. That's the SSPX family of Roman Catholic Tradition. Not blindly staring upon the very important and universal Roman Rite (Tridentine), but also keeping other traditions of the apostolic foundations. This friend of mine however did prefer the Roman Rite because of its clarity and because it fits more into the western european mind. I must say, I do prefer the Traditional Latin Mass above the Divine Liturgies etc. I am not an emotional man and am constantly rationalizing dogma of the faith etc., not being "carried away" by chant or something into emotional feelings. Not at all.
You can contact those English and Scottish traditionalist redemptorists ( See their site above and read their English magazine:

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