Trying to adapt eating to fasting
I'm trying to fast more. What I'd like to do is adjust my current eating to a meal system where I can fast for longer periods without having ill health effects. Is there a particular food that might make this possible (like the guy eating Subway all the time to lose weight except not for weight loss)?
Intermittent Fasting may be an option?
More on the lean proteins, chicken, fish, yes eggs, lay off the simple carbs, go for greens, starchy veggies, fruits for sugars.
You'll feel full longer.
Assuming you are fit and healthy, I would favor a study of  Carthusian or Trappist dietary practices.  Under a physician's supervision, I think their pescatarian (or "fishetarian") diet is healthy. It combines varying degrees of fasting that is integrated with the liturgical calendar.  The Carthusians and Trappists are famed for their longevity.  There is the anecdote that an Avignon Pope attempted to force them to eat meat. 
The order sent a delegation of 27 monks (from 88 to 95 years old). The Pope changed his mind. :amen:

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