That was well thought out and I am inclined to agree with you on prophecy, fate and graces obtained through prayer,  but from different viewpoint on the Fatima message. Putting  a date on prophecy or stating that we currently meet all criterion to validate the end being here puts the messenger in a category with pseudoscience; it also leaves Father Gruner and Father Kramer (two priests who I beleive are honest and devout in their beleifs concerning the status of the fatima message) living in a perpetual offensive against the church and updating their 'last chance' position instead of focusing on the heart of the message. I truly admire their conviction, but their efforts could be better spent to the benefit of the church, the faith and the message!

I am not so optimistic on where I see the state of the church, and I have doubts concerning the consecration   Our great church is living out its passion, and we have not yet been condemmed to death, so we have much yet to suffer.  Of course this is just my opinion and I am generally wrong at least once a day ( I like to keep my mistakes to my work and not my personal life, doesnt always go my way).  I dont need to rehash the state of the church, or the validity of the consecration of Russia with people as smart as yourself or Tim, or many others on this thread, as we are all intelligent people, many (though not all) with sound points of view, and to rehash old arguements would mean to lose the point of the Fatima message as many Fatamista's have done.  The bottom line is, whether I believe the church is in retreat or resurgence, I cannot wait for the hand of doom to fall. One has to live each day, be aware that they will face a final judgement, and have the courage to stand up for the truth. It pains me that my congregation lacks solemnity when in the church and shows no reverence for the sacraments, but will this lack or reverence and solemnity bring about my final judgement any sooner than The Lord intends it to be? ... I believe only good graces obtained through prayer will influence the time of my final judgement, not dwelling on impending doom. Sooner or later, All things will happen at their appointed time.

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