Life, 1: Satanists 0 - Texas Bill Passes
Abortion, as evil as it is, is a form of surgery; therefore, it is reasonable that it be held to the same standards as any other form of surgery until it is finally prohibited outright.

Maybe once the abortionists see that the Texas decision isn't some great tragedy they will begin to question whether the practice is at all necessary.

I have convinced an atheist pro-abortionist to become pro-life, mainly because he was open enough to consider my point of view and found my reasoning to be more sound than what he had previously believed.
That's wonderful!! I'm glad it passed, and quite frankly, more stringent laws should be passed and end this grotesque practice altogether.
I have to admit to being utterly agog at the idea of allegedly educated medical professionals decrying clinics being brought up to clinical standards, not to mention being supportive of abortion. Have they been living under a rock?? How obtuse can a person be?
If any of them actually gave a care about women's health, shouldn't *they* be the ones demanding clinical standards??  Don't doctors and nurses take an oath to preserve life?  ???

Good for Texas, and I hope that every appeal is slapped down swiftly and the law remains intact. I pray that more states enact laws that stop the destruction of the innocent!!
It is entirely reasonable to hold an abortion clinic to the same standard as a surgery center.  The mortality and morbidity rate is far higher in clinic surgeries than in a surgery center.  By the way, I have always refused to participate in elective abortions.  It's sad the OB can easily find someone else :hmmm:

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