On contraception and the coming violence: Interview with Pope’s personal theolog
Yes, I suspect this is the driving force behind a number of new pharmaceuticals. I've seen my share come to market, get used for a period and then pulled off the market.  Then the ads appear on TV, "Have you been prescribed Crestor?  You may have a claim for damages!"  ???
Slightly OT, I was wondering about when modern contraception began to see if there was a link in the development in AIDS, and sure enough, Margaret Thatcher propagated 1915s and the first related viris (SIV) hit humans in the 1930s. Oddly- this SIV appeared in Central Africa. Then the first case of HIV Congo.

Pausing for a moment, seems a link in location and targeting particular culture/race (which she is known for as well.) Also, we already see today how Africa is viewed as the new fronteir, full of resources, potential for power, money and development. In general, What a way to conquer, grab em by the *alls and let them behave like wild animals with no sense morality or self control.

As far as the article, you can see the little and big consequences with this thinking in our friends, families, communities, people you are sapposed to be able to trust like Dr's etc. Seems every generation is angrier with the previous- and attacking the next.

Christ and his Church can give us the guidelines, but the opposition is willing to use any means of temptation to hang mankind with enough rope, to be separated from Him forever. I pray people get the grace they need to save their soul.
(07-13-2013, 06:05 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: From Lifesite:

On contraception and the coming violence: Interview with Pope’s personal theologian
by John-Henry Westen
Thu Jul 11, 2013 17:28 EST


VATICAN CITY, July 11, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) .........................

  He explained that “marital love is to be of the supreme quality” but “contraception boils down to the saying of the spouse, ‘There’s something in you that I love, but there’s something in you that I hate, and I hate the fact that you can be a mother. So I require that this will be poisoned.’ Well, this is not love. It is not possible for a husband to say to his wife, ‘I love you truly,’ if at the same time he demands that she poisons in her body the capacity to transmit life, to be a mother.”

“That distortion of sexuality,” he said, “distorts human relationships, distorts the entire living-out of human sexuality.”   

He added:

    "When sexuality is not tied with the virtue of chastity, which trains the person how to integrate the sexual desire within charity, then everything is rocked. And certainly we are seeing this once contraception became so easily available. We’re seeing, successively, the distortions of sexuality, and problems on the level of human relationships, of marriages breaking down, of a violent aggressiveness of women who are discovering that they are being abused as a result of contraception, and so they’re landing in an aggressive feminism, with rage against men. Contraception is leading to abortion, because it treats the potential child as an enemy, and if something goes wrong and a child is conceived then the child is easily aborted."

I am really getting tired of this "its all the man's fault" attitude about contraception. Sandra Fluke wasn't in the media spotlight because her boyfriend / husband is making her take pills. She got up there because women want pregnancy-free sex too! The attitude is as if women want to get pregnant but the husband denies them by forcing them to take birth control. That may happen in some cases but in most the female gets the pills before the male partner even suggests it. The sooner the Church hierarchy understands this the better we will be able to address the problem. Women are not helpless and men do not have a monopoly on hubris!

Lastly the idea that forced contraception leads to aggressive feminism is really off. Feminists rally around free contraception more than any other group. Very out of touch comment! If a man goes and gets a vasectomy can we blame women for that? Is his wife denying him from being a father? That is the logic in the comments in the article.
It take two to tango, but Chi-raq should be ground zero for a study for how the pill has changed men into savages, because of all the violence.  There was a woman here who was kicked by a few men as she lay on the street, sending her to hospital and causing her to loose the baby. Just another little squabble here, and it was blacks on black, so it wasn't a race story. Just hot fun in the city.

The very best part is I went to find the story, two days old, and Voila, it can't be found on google. Conspiracy much ??


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