Pope Leo XIII 's Vision & Prayer Against Satan & his Apostate Host
(07-17-2013, 12:38 AM)DustinsDad Wrote: The intro / explanation to the prayer in the Angeles Missal (page 1796) reads:

The Holy Father exhorts priests to say this prayer as often as possible, as a simple exorcism to curb the power of the devil and prevent him from doing harm. The faithful also may say it in their own name, for the same purpose, as any approved prayer. Its use is recommended whenever action of the devil is suspected, causing malice in men, violent temptations, and even storms and various calamities. It could even be used as a solemn exorcism (an official and public ceremony, in Latin), to expel the devil. It would then be said by a priest, in the name of the Church, and only with the Bishop's permission.

From this it looks like individuals can pray this prayer privately. Maybe I'll corner one our priests after mass Sunday and ask him about it.


        The media has a habit of making  Fr. Amorth look like a goof ball.  Believe me  he is not.  I could have quoted other lecturers at the Regina Pontifical University where priests undergo training to become an exorcist.

        If  I was not certain after studying this matter for several years and several personal communications with official exorcists I would not post  this.  Believe me, the easier route would be not to speak up.

        Cardinal Ratzinger's letter  makes it very clear the restrictions.  Public assemblies have to be opened by a priest.  He describes the situation very distinctly.

        As far as the vision of  Pope Leo XIII,  it was reported in Church publications several times.  I doubt that the Cardinals who reported this vision were lying.

        I  have read a priest's writing that discounts Pope Leo XIII's Vision and even denies generational curses.   

        True,  I am a lay person.  But  I can repeat  as I was informed.

        It was in Charismatic prayer group meetings where as Cardinal Ratzinger notes in his letter of 1985  that abuses occurred.  I remember reading in  Church News publications what happened.  I mention this because that's what happened not because  I am an enemy of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

        Personally,  I know that there are Catholics in Charismatic groups that mingle with Protestants.  I know of such a Charismatic deliverance prayer group that laid hands (like a priest) on a possessed person.  Everyone of those who laid hands became afflicted.  I know the person was possessed because they underwent a real exorcism performed by an official Catholic exorcist.  Unless such groups are lead by a priest who conforms completely to Vatican instructions and mandates,  I warn you all to stay away from such groups. 

        The topic of  Catholic lay ministers of exorcism  is too broad  to present in a discussion forum  for me.  The Church allows such ministries just as She allows  lay extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist who hold  the Divine Person of  Jesus Christ in their hands and distribute Holy Communion.   

          Gianluca Barile,  founder of the website "Petrus"  is described here:


Copied from an interview in Petrus:

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN -  That of the priest exorcist remains the first choice, but as explained in exclusive 'Petrus'  Bishop Emeritus of Isernia-Venafro, Monsignor Andrea Gemma, one of the largest and most famous exorcist in Europe, Arrives on the clarification of Monsignor Gemma: "Under current legislation only the priest delegated by the bishop may publicly - and I stress, publicly - to carry out exorcisms and implement actions such as the imposition of the stole, the hands, the sprinkling of holy water, the anointing with the holy oils - but in private - that is, in a closed room and not in front of the crowds - every baptized person, as mentioned, can, and should, order the devil to leave in peace a disturbed brother. "........

Another legend holds that Monsignor Gemma to debunk. "If everything is done in private, the prayers of deliverance and exorcism also imperative - that of Leo XIII in Latin can be a great example - there is no sin. It is, indeed, an act of fraternal charity, of which I can personally testify to the effectiveness. " An act of charity that does not absolutely require the approval or the mandate of the diocesan bishop. "As I said - said Monsignor Gemma - do not need any permission: everything comes from the strength of the Baptism received and, therefore, dall'ontologica belonging to the Mystical Body of Christ."

        OK,  laity can in private attempt rites of minor exorcism or simple or private exorcism; but,  personally,  I can tell you what from what I have observed  this is best done by an ordained priest who is an exorcist. 

        But to simply recite the St. Michael's Exorcism Prayer after the Rosary as a part of private prayer life is certainly licit and permitted by the Church as taught in Rome.  It is a whole different matter than praying as instructed by Pope Leo XIII. 

        Unless a cleric goes to Rome and is instructed to become intimate with the theology concerning exorcism they probably don't know what is taught in Rome.  I say cleric because I just read  the recently published work concerning minor exorcisms with imprimatur etc.etc.  He makes dangerous statements like a priest conducting a minor exorcism may wear the purple stole as does an exorcist priest conducting a major exorcism.

        One has to admit that the Church in the USA  has it's problems.  One problem is that liberal professors teach in seminaries and that one has to go to Rome to gain a solid foundation in the theological concerns surrounding exorcism and deliverance.

        Take for example the so-called "Morning After Pill"  that the Vatican condemns the use of.  Some dioceses promote this or say it is alright; but this is not what the Vatican teaches.  Study the details of the murder of  Fr. Kunz 

        Now there is talk of the "Gay Lobby" in the Vatican.  Surprised?  I  was greatly saddened to see these reports.  I was not surprised.

      Where ever there is something good and holy of God, there lurks Satan clouding minds. 

      If  one is familiar with any of the Latin derived languages which include  French, Spanish, and Italian  then using the Google Translator one can make out  Fr. Amorth and Bishop Gemma in their native tongue.    I assure you that the Vatican would not stand  for them to promote any thing that is wrongful or illicit  in their lectures concerning the training of exorcists.  I also assure you that after making a diligent study of Fr. Amorth, he is anything but a very serious, religious man.  His teacher  the late Fr. Candido Amantini  cause for beatification is soon to open.

        As far as the denial of  Pope Leo's vision, why would Cardinals promote a lie?

        Regardless of this,  Pope Leo XIII did write and promote the use of  the Prayer Against Satan and His Apostate Host.

    I copied this from the website http://www.carloacutis.com/pages/accueil.html:

In 1878,Joachim Vincent Raphael

Louis Pecci was elected Pope of the Catholic
Church until his death. He assumed the name
of Leo XIII. He distinguished himself in a
particular way for his socio-political involvement.

He wrote about 80 encyclicals,
among them the Rerum Novarum with which
he caused an uproar in the Catholic Church.
On the 13th of October 1884 Leo XIII had

Pope Leo XIII



Church: “Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle, be our protection

against the wickedness and snares of the

devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,

a vision while he was celebrating the Mass.
The Pope describing this vision with horror,
said that it regarded the future of the
Church, a period of about 100 years leading
up to a point when Satan will have achieved
his objective. Of this episode there are
different versions noted; in the one most

and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly
Host, by the power of God, cast into hell
Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl
about the world seeking the ruin of souls.”

In testimony of this, Cardinal
Nasalli Rocca wrote in his Lenten Pastoral
Letter, from Bologna in 1946:

commonly accepted it is said that Leo XIII
would have heard two voices: one sweet and
gentile, the other rough and bitter. It seemed
to him that these voices came from near the
tabernacle. He quickly understood that the
sweet and gentile voice was that of Our
Lord, while the other rough and bitter one
was of Satan. In this dialogue Satan affirms
with pride of being able to destroy the
Church, but to do this he asked for more
time and more power. Our Lord consented
to the request and asked how much time
and how much power were needed. Satan
replied that he needed about 75 or 100 years
and a greater power over those put under
his service. Our Lord gave Satan the time
and power he asked, giving him full liberty
to do with them as he wished. Leo XIII
remained so shaken by this experience that
he wrote a prayer in honor of Saint Michael
the Archangel for the protection of the

“Leo XIII himself wrote that prayer.
The phrase (the evil spirits) who prowl about the
world seeking the ruin of souls has an historical
explanation, reported to us many times by
his personal secretary, Monsignor Rinaldo
Angeli. Leo XIII truly had a vision of infernal
spirits that descended upon and infiltrated
the eternal city (Rome); and from that experience
came the prayer that he wanted recited
in the whole Church. That same prayer he
would recite with a vibrant and powerful
voice: we heard it many times in the Basilica
in the Vatican. Not only that, but he also
wrote with his own hand a special exorcism
prayer included in the Roman Ritual (1954
edition, tit. XII, c. III, page 863 and following).
These exorcisms he implored to the bishops
and to the priests to recite them often in
their dioceses and parishes. He would pray it
very often throughout the day.”

Associazione Amici di Carlo Acutis - www.carloacutis.com

"The young Charles Acutis died at age 15 due to a fulminant leukemia, has left in the memory of all those who knew a great void and a deep admiration for what has been his short but intense witness of an authentically Christian life , lived in a heroic way, fueled by his great love for the Lord who is present especially in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and filial devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He prayed the Rosary and attended Mass every day. It was often the Eucharistic Adoration. It seems to us that modernity and the actuality that reflects the life of Carlo is combined in a harmonious and unique with its profound Eucharistic life and his great devotion to the Blessed Virgin that have certainly helped to make him the guy very special by all admired and loved.

The young Charles was in fact gifted for everything that is related to the world of computing is much that his friends and adults in computer engineering graduates considered him a genius. That left everyone amazed by his ability to understand the secrets that hides the computer, and are normally accessible only to those who have completed university studies specialist. The interests of Charles ranged from computer programming, to the assembly of the film, the creation of websites, magazines to which he also did the editing and layout, up to the volunteer with the most needy, with children and with the elderly. It was in short, a mystery that young faithful of the diocese of Milan, who before his death he was able to offer his sufferings for the Pope and for the Church. "

        If  nothing but I accomplish here is to cause people to say the Rosary who don't now,  I will have accomplished something,

      I  am not very good at anything but prayer and reading my Bible.    I only presented some quotes from  Bishop Andrea Gemma found in Petrus not to cause division but  for people to make a diligent  search  for themselves.

      I hope that some will take time to become members of  their diocesan exorcist's deliverance team.

Militaris Christi


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