Tridentine Mass Promo Video

Lovely promo video! I couldn't manage the embed but the link is to the video on Vimeo.
Found it on youtube

Very Nice!!
beautifully done, I will have to attend! :pray:
Fabulous video!!!  Thanks for sharing!

My favorite part - 2.03, where the Latin has an Aussie ring to it  :grin: +1!

Beautiful video. By the grace of God, one day I shall be able to offer this Mass!
They need to change the altar set up. No altar rail and there is the infamous resurrected Christ crucifix hanging above the altar.
But anyway, a good start to something that is certainly better than the Novus Ordo.
How do we know it is their home church? They could possibly be visitors that have been allowed to use the church for the TLM. The Anglican Use in Orange County was banished to a post-modern nightmare in Fullerton, CA - one of the class rooms outside of the church to be exact...and they are trying their best to make do. I know of plenty TLM priests that were forced to celebrate in classrooms, gymnasiums, cemeteries (which is actually pretty cool!) and so on. It seems like this FL bunch has it pretty good so far - AIR CONDITIONING.

However, if they did manage to build this place themselves then blame the Australian priest, haha. Aussies have some crappy architecture.
Our bishop is supporting this effort. There is a TLM (Low Mass) every Sunday at 430pm.  First Solemn Mass performed on last Pentecost. :incense:

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