What is the most valuable fruit crop produced in the Peach State?

This is not a trick question, but you may want to pause a second before answering.

Ready? It's the blueberry.

Georgia is famous as a major producer of the peach, the fuzzy succulent orange fruit whose image appears on state license plates, "welcome to Georgia" billboards and on road signs. When driving in the capital city of Atlanta, you can pass the corner of Peachtree Street and Peachtree Center Avenue, just one block from West Peachtree Street.

There's just one problem: Blueberries are Georgia's most lucrative fruit crop, by far.
I remember finding wild blueberry plants out in the woods.
Smile Smile Smile
Georgia isn't even the top peach producer or the second.
Yay, blueberries!  Smile Our "crop" is just starting to ripen. We have somewhere between ten and fifteen bushes, planted by the people who lived here before we came, so they're nice and mature. Last year we didn't get much of a crop at all, because of the drought: most of the berries literally shriveled right on the bush. Hopefully this year will be better.
Food! Blueberries!!!

Yum Yum!!

I have a few cultivated bushes here and a few wild ones. The cultivated ones have all given their berries already and the wild ones are just gettin' ripe. I have a bunch of wild blackberries too that have past peak production, but all are tasty! Just waiting for my Persimmon tree to start to bloom. There are nectarine, plum, apple and peach trees too, but they are too young to produce yet...maybe next year? 

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