Cold Soba :)
Hey, Fishies!  :) I thought I'd share my absolute favorite summer dish with you all: cold Japanese buckwheat noodles served with a dipping sauce. This is my favorite because it's so easy to make, is always refreshing, is healthy and cheap, and you can eat a surprising amount without feeling like an overstuffed glutton. ;) I found this article explaining how to boil and wash the noodles:

We always have it with just green onions and ginger in the sauce, and we usually use the concentrated bottled sauce- though I prefer homemade (who doesn't?  :LOL:) If you have leftovers, just refrigerate them for up to a few days, then chop up fresh "additions," and you're all set! The basket or bamboo tray to serve the noodles in isn't essential- I've been known to eat leftover soba right from the container. ;) Also, I've never heard of anyone separating the noodles into little "bites" when they plate them- Grandma just puts a couple of handfuls onto the tray, purs the sauce into a little bowl, and tells us that there's plenty more if we're still hungry!  :LOL: Enjoy!

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