Traditional Catholic books for Kindle
I've found some good traditional Catholic books for Kindle a few days ago and thought I would share:

Baltimore Catechism:

The link is to the first volume, but the second review gives the links to all four volumes.

General Catholic Devotions (1909 copyright):

The above are free. There is also a Traditional Latin Sunday Missal, but I can't really comment on the contents, etc., as I've nothing to compare it to. At $10, it's not a huge purchase.

There are a bunch of what seem to be other Trad books, many at 99 cents or a bit more in the Kindle store.

Any other Trad eBooks to add to the list?
I actually set up a Facebook page to share what I find for Kindle (free or very inexpensive).

I also post what I find in Apps and Movies including iTunes.

It's a small page that I share with friends and anyone is welcome to "like" it or message me about books I should include you find. 

*Or* as I do take recommendations, if you see a book that I should remove... 

Also note:  Books that are free today may not be free tomorrow.
Catholic Way Publishing has an extensive and inexpensive collection of Catholic books for the Kindle
(07-26-2013, 07:59 PM)AntoniusMaximus Wrote: Catholic Way Publishing has an extensive and inexpensive collection of Catholic books for the Kindle

Why, yes they do!  :)

And while I'm at it:

I've also gotten a load of ebooks (many of them available in kindle format) from the Internet Archive, including the entire Liturgical Year. You can almost always use the Calibre software to convert epub or other format books to the kindle format.  :w2go:
The Liturgical Year, Volume 1: Advent

Volume 2: Christmas, Part 01

Volume 3: Christmas, Part 02

Volume 4: Septuagesima

Volume 5: Lent

Volume 6: Passiontide and Holy Week

Volume 7: Paschal Time, Part 01

Volume 8: Paschal Time, Part 02

Volume 9: Paschal Time, Part 03

Volume 10: Time After Pentecost, Part 01

Volume 11: Time After Pentecost, Part 02

Volume 12: Time After Pentecost, Part 03

Volume 13: Time After Pentecost, Part 04

Volume 14: Time After Pentecost, Part 05

Volume15: Time After Pentecost, Part 06

The Mystical City of God: Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4
And, to finish off for tonight, here's Volume 1 of the Catholic Bible in English, Latin, Hebrew, and Greek, all for $.99!  :O
I've just downloaded this one on mental prayer: If only The Third Spiritual Alphabet were available! I'd love to read the book that had such an influence on St. Teresa!

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