"De Ecclesia" by Vatican II Theological Preparatory Commission
Fr. Komonchak, a Vatican II historian, has translated on July 27, 2013, the eleven chapters of the draft De Ecclesia elaborated by the preparatory Theological Commission for Vatican II. (source)

It's very interesting because it
  • has copious, well-documented footnotes
  • frequently uses the term "Church Militant"
  • Ch. 2 begins with an excellent statement of extra Ecclesiam nulla salus: "The Holy Synod teaches, as God's Holy Church has always taught, that the Church is necessary for salvation and that no one can be saved who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded by God through Jesus Christ, nevertheless refuses to enter her or to persevere in her."
  • Ch. 10 is unambiguous; its subheading reads: "The Principle: The Distinction between Church and Civil Society, and the Subordination of the Purpose of the State to the Purpose of the Church."
  • supports the statement "No civil community, therefore, should consider that it can legitimately oppose the fulfilment of this mission divinely entrusted to the Church for the whole world." by citing Franzelin et al. (fn. 6, p. 56)
  • has a neat footnote (#6, p. 64) that describes, in the context of ecumenism ("Christian unity"), the historical usage of the word "Church" as applied to non-Catholic groups ("particular churches")
I find it interesting that a lot of the footnotes were ommitted in the final documents derived from this draft.  For example, the footnotes on the precedents for considering the separated eastern groups as particular Churches or the idea that baptized non-Catholics may be admitted to the saraments, including Holy Communion, are supported well in the footnotes, but are left without such support in the final documents. 
Very interesting. Thanks Geremia for sharing. Will other drafts be presented?
Here's four more:

(08-14-2013, 10:39 AM)SaintSebastian Wrote: Here's four more:


Thanks a lot!
(08-14-2013, 09:23 AM)Pro Tridentina (Malta) Wrote: Very interesting. Thanks Geremia for sharing. Will other drafts be presented?
Yes, he's already translated some others; see this thread: "Preparatory Commission's schemas translated."
I'm on record saying that I believe that Vatican II was pretty much unnecessary and that the goal of presenting Church teachings in the modern world could have been handled with a synod and did not require a council.  Changes to other things such as encouraging religious orders to go back to their roots, etc. could have been handled with a Motu Proprio or changes to Canon Law.  However, if the bishops at the council had actually followed the preparatory documents, it would probably have turned out OK.  I cannot help but feel that it smacks of hubris to jettison all of the work which had been done ahead of time and just striking out blind.  Its no wonder that things went the way they did, and in fact, its hard in some ways to believe that they didn't go worse. 

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