Jews DO Control the Media
The Jewish people do more than control the media, they beautifully manipulate it and have controlled the message so successfully that society is lead to beleive that the world truly does revolve around them. They have created a media reality according to their prejudices and self-interests on every possible opportunity.... "Israel cannot allow a nuclear Iran to exist"....  "I dont see him as a viable candidate for defense minister because he not openly pro Israel" ... "antisemitism alleged after the United Nations votes to upgrade the status of the Palestinian delegation" ... "CNN - USA Today polling suggests the Jewish vote is clearly behind the Obama campaign" ....  "A gross failure on the part of Olympic Organizers not to publically recognize the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes "... " A new report from the ADL suggests that anit-Semetic attitudes are still deeply ingrained on the European continent, to the dismay of Leading Rabbi's"...

To say or acknowledge otherwise is suicide.


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