Choreographer of World Youth Day Flash Mob Posed for Gomorrist Publications
(08-06-2013, 03:38 PM)St. Pius of Trent Wrote:
(08-06-2013, 03:32 PM)Melchior Wrote: Hey mate, you're the one saying "does that mean it's prudent to place the person in a position to give possible scandal".  Augustine should never have become a Bishop with the past they he had.

It's a fallacious argument.

It's perfectly on point. St. Augustine had led a pretty bawdy life before coming to Christ. St. Paul was a murderer of Christians. If we won't let people move beyond their pasts, if we keep re-hashing such things, if we engage in detraction, if we don't forgive -- well, we're not pleasing Christ. And to be consistent, we'd have to throw out St. Augustine's writings and the Pauline letters, etc.

(and what's with this "Gommorrist" publication thing?)

What we should be talking about is how to get those WYD's to feature the TLM and traditional devotions, along with the fun stuff (kids forming a flash mob isn't a sin). We shouldn't be dragging up people's past sins. (does anyone here want to volunteer to share his own sins that way?)

And to the person who said he should publicly repent:  how do we know he hasn't? It's not like it would make newspaper headlines anywhere. How publicly should he do that? Should he take out classified ads in all the newspapers in all the cities in all the nations of the world? Should he call  reporters and hold a press conference no one would attend? What's a person who's publicly sinned in the past to do? Stay mired in the past and hate himself for the rest of his life -- or go to Confession and move on, trying to serve the Lord?


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