Choreographer of World Youth Day Flash Mob Posed for Gomorrist Publications
I don't know the woman Leah Darrow, but restitution for sin has to different than before. Could she give the money back to the photographers or publications ?  They'd become richer and more pervasive with that money returned. I'd think becoming a good steward of the money and using some for your daily needs, while keeping your speaking fees to a minimum, and distributing it where there is need, is a better course. Just my thoughts.

Who knows if this dancer is repentant ? But the remark that the "brains" behind these kinds of "spectacles" are goofy, and leave the Bishops little choice is probably more accurate than we know. The truly Apostate Bishops would see this as silly, and would much prefer being a comedian or such on Jay Leno. In fact in a few more years after no one remembers Father Guido Sarducci, I fully expect one of them to be a real rock and gossip columnist for "L' Osservatore Romano" and doing stand-up comedy in night clubs. Not to mention dating a 21st century Claudia Cardinale. Perhaps a bunga bunga party girl.

The thing about these Extravaganzas which gets me is the contradictions. Because the precedent has been set, I'm not sure this can be dropped. There would be an uproar and the Papacy would suffer. I think if I were Pope this entire thing would be changed. I'd find some rock bands which are technically fine musicians, and as close to right thinking as possible. The venue for their playing would be three days (nights) and their concerts would end by 10:00 pm---Lights out, kids. On the fourth day I'd have the Pontifical Mass sung by the very best and after that I'd scoot.


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