"Novus Horror Missae" Facebook Page

Oh, man! You oughta warn a girl; I was about to eat!

Seriously though, how nauseating and sad.
Some beautiful worship there. The kind of thing you'd find in the early church before Constantine added the pagan stuff and the pomp. Thank you for the inspiration, it's been a while since I have seen such people oriented worship which is sad because WE ARE CHURCH.
So many worthy candidates to pick from, but I have to give it to Bugs Bunny delivering his sermon!

..... Through your goodness I have this carrot to offer....

We should make reparations for these, use the word which comes to mind.

Looks like a lot of liturgical and spiritual immaturity on display.
The same people that think the Church is not to judge, think they are able to judge what is fitting and what is not fitting worship, if in fact they know that mass is the objective worship of God.
I feel bad for all of those TLM only schismatics that are missing out on all of this diverse and beautiful worship.

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