Pope visits "industrial zone"
Pope Francis on Friday made a short visit to the Vatican’s “Industrial Zone”, which contains the print shop, carpentry services, and other support for the Vatican City State. The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, reported he greeted and shook hands with the labourers. Those present were shocked by the visit, which was unannounced. The newspaper office is in the area, and they later tweeted a photo of the event.

Text from page http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/08/...en1-718423
of the Vatican Radio website
I guess he is "managing by walking around"?
It is customary for a new pope to get the 'grand tour' and meet the 'help,' and because of scheduling the unpopular areas get visited last or never by the new pope. The media (or whomever) has an interest in showing Pope Francis as "salt of the earth."

Personally, I would not care where the parking lot was at or where the junk pile for the furnace man is hid at as pope.
I worked at a place where the President did this kind of stuff.
Going out to shake hands with customers, checking out who is leaving the lights on late at night, not following protocols, basically doing whatever he wants and always trying to be everyone's friend.
What i discovered is this is just a way to avoid doing what he was actually supposed to be doing.
I can see it with this pope too.
He is setting up commissions of other cardinals to do the real work. He is just picking and choosing what he likes and focusing on that.
The upper level managers will turn on him soon, at least internally because the real work will be avoided.
This pope has not intention of leading a restoration, he is rather interested in solidifying his persona in the history books as a nice guy, --- that might work for the short term, but "the truth will out" as they say.

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