Advice please?
So... I've only ever dated women who have a personality similar to mine.  But recently, I've befriended a young woman who told me that one should find a potential spouse with a personality COMPLIMENTARY (not matching) to my own...

Huh... I don't know.  I mean, it seems to make sense, and it seems to explain why I haven't found Mrs. Lonewolf yet.  But it's so... foreign to me.  I guess it's a good thing to find someone who has weaknesses and strengths you don't have, so your own weaknesses and strengths can lift them up and you can be lifted up as well...

Dunno,  the idea is new to me.  And yes, this young woman is (to some extent) a complimentary personality to mine.  She is Catholic and she is leaning STRONGLY towards tradition.  But... freaking queen of mixed signals.

Pray for me, for her, for my eventually finding Mrs. Lonewolf. :P

And PLEASE chime in on what you think as far as the matching vs complimentary personality topic goes.
Go for similar but complimentary. You want to get along, but you don't want to get bored of each other, either.
For example:
My hubby and I have similar personalities in that we rarely like to leave our home. We're like bears, I guess. We would rather be at hone with our kids than anywhere else.
However, he excels in maths and science, and I excel in languages and culture, so our interests are differing and complimentary, so in combination our children become well-rounded people, and it keeps us being our individual selves, while still staying bonded to each other and keeping the family intact.

A couple should fit together like puzzle pieces. You're not shaped the same, but you're a perfect fit. Does that make any sense at all?
Don't fall for "opposites attract". I learned that one the hard way!
I would look at her family to see if they are trads. Do they pray together and say the Rosary?
I made the mistake along ago of marrying into "trad" family and discovered they go to church once a week and that is all. Not a strong Catholic family.
Second, if this young lady works and is planning to work, you will have marital problems either she will have an affair or ditch you for someone else.
Working in offices for a long time I came to realize that good Catholic marriage DON'T include the wife working in an office or any contact with young men.
Sounds crazy, I know but today's morals are in the ditch. It takes hard work to make a marriage last and temptations are around the corner.
Do some research and find out more of this person and keep the passion at bay otherwise, you will pay for it in the long run.
Today couples don't wait until marriage to have sex or move into together.
Women know how to trap men so be aware of drawing you in with an intimate relationship.
There's more to this than I can relate, But think with your "right" head!

mtnCouger :dodgy:
Make a novena to the Blessed Virgin. I will pray for you.

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