Pope Francis will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
To forgive is divine.
Just a thought that occurred to me. Fatima is technically a private revelation, in that it adds nothing to the deposit of faith. But maybe, just maybe, it was already included in the deposit of faith...per certain parts of the Apocalypse ... and its simply playing out in front of our eyes. Prophesy never fully understood until after it takes place and what not.

Just a thought that came to mind. I'm no expert on the Book of the Apocalypse.
Fatima is definitely not, per se, public revelation.  That said, there are things that are required for salvation besides believing the deposit of Faith.

Refusing to believe in Fatima is normally not a sin against Faith, but it could very well be a sin against reason.  And more is required of Catholics than simply to hold the Catholic Faith:  we must also perform all that God has commanded.

Well, in this instance, there's at least an excellent case that God has commanded that the consecration of Russia be done, by the pope and all the bishops of the world in union with him.  If He has, then yes, refusing to do this, or even ignoring this command, could be extremely prejudicial to their eternal salvation-- and the eternal salvation of millions besides.

Whether Fatima is public or private revelation is almost beside the point.  The question is, is it true, and has God done enough for us to know that it's true?  I would say yes, He has-- or at the very least that there are good reasons to suspect that such is the case.  If that is so, then God's subjects are bound to obey, whether or not what He said was already part of public revelation.

I mean, it's a part of public revelation that we must do whatever God commands.  Did He ever promise, or has the Church ever defined, that God would issue no new commands after St. John the Evangelist died?

I ask that if you argue with me you say at least one Hail Mary for light for both of us.  I will reciprocate.  God bless.
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Concerning the subject of Private Revelations:

Quote:“In regard to the visits of the Lord, we must also remember that they often differ appreciably.  There are visits of consolation, like the apparitions of Lourdes; But if people do not profit by them, the Lord comes to chastise; and if they do not profit by this Divine correction, He may come to condemn."

[Footnote # 4:  Cf. Saint Thomas In Isaiam, Chap. 24: ‘The visitation of the Lord is multiple; of consolation...of correction...and at times of condemnation.’]” (Reverend Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. [b. Auch, France 1877 A.D. - d. Rome, Italy, 1964 A.D.], who taught dogmatic and Spiritual theology for 53 years at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelicum, in Rome, “The Three Ages of the Interior Life, Prelude of Eternal Life”, Translated by Sister M. Timothea Doyle, O.P., Volume Two, Chapter XXXIX, The Effects of the Passive Purification of the Spirit in Relation Especially to the Three Theological Virtues, p. 402; emphasis added).

A slightly different light in which to examine the dire messages of Fatima.

Perhaps the Prophecy of Pope Saint Pius X gives some additional perspective?  ???

It is claimed the Pope saw a future Pope fleeing Rome over the dead bodies of many people in the Vatican.

Does this vision fulfill this prophecy:

Quote:“that judgment should begin at the House of God” (1 Peter 4:17).

It is human nature to view things from a current perspective.

Could this be a possible scenario?

What if only the Pope and 2 Bishops survive this Divine "housecleaning" which is to begin with the Vatican?

Could not the Pope and the only 2 living Bishops (according to this "possible" scenario) Consecrate Russia (and the world) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

It seems to me that something "big" is about to happen to get the attention of Catholics and to silence any and all confusion about Fatima?

Of the 7 letters to the 7 Bishops of Asia Minor at the beginning of the Apocalypse, 6 of the 7 were not doing a very good job and received a stern reprimand and a warning, usually of a bloody persecution!  Will history repeat itself?

Some interpret the wings of an eagle in the Apocalypse as an airplane bringing the Pope and only a few Bishops and/or Cardinals to the U.S.A. to hold a Council which is to condemn all of the changes that began at least as early as 1944 with throwing out the Psalter of St. Jerome as required by the Council of Trent.  ???

Think how Christ Himself must feel with the NEW 1955 updated Holy Week in which the Pascal Candle, the symbol of Him as the Risen Christ, Who is symbolically "crucified" by "nails" (incense in the heads) in the outline of the Jewish Star of David - thanks apparently to the Confessor of Pius XII - super  Jewish ecumenist Cardinal Bea?!

Let's not forget the "at least four" Communist Cardinals in the Vatican with whom Bella Dodd had daily contact in the late 1940's before leaving the Communist Party!

I agree with TIm - many more Rosaries are needed to be said.

Thanks for reading!  :tiphat:

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