Ideological-Theological Spectrum of Self-Identified Catholics
Where do you fall?

[Image: TradCatholicSpectrum_zps53d3d74d.jpg]

I'm somewhere between Conservative and Traditionalist, with 1-2% purple color.

This reminds me of the Electromagnetic Spectrum! :D
I'd add the Creed of the Council of Trent and the Oath against Modernism to the Trad column and I fall somewhere in the ultraviolet. :)
Somewhere between Traditionalist and Radical Traditionalist. Probably exactly halfway. I'm SSPX in Union with Rome under Ecclesia Dei.
Oh no say it ain't so, I'm 3/8 into Radical Traditionalist. I guess I'll have to go buy me a suit like Sherlock Holmes and a big pipe.

My heart & mind belong to the murky waters between traditionalist and radical, but my body is in between progressive and conservative every Sunday.
How about that!  I really am a traditionalist.  So many people have told me that I wasn't that I'm a bit surprised.  :grin:
OOPS! I missed the RadTrad column! With the exception of SSPX I fit there.
(08-15-2013, 04:46 PM)JayneK Wrote: How about that!  I really am a traditionalist.  So many people have told me that I wasn't that I'm a bit surprised.  :grin:

How can a crypto Jew be a traditionalist?

Since I know you hate my sense of humour for being ambiguous I'll admit the above is tongue in cheek.
i'm ultraviolet*.  i do not appear on this spectrum.

i'm very sympathetic to old catholicism (the original, late 19th century version).  i'm definitely an anti-ultramontane individual.  as a consequence, i don't have the expectations of the pope that most traditional catholics have.  sort of the opposite of a sedevacantist. 

i strongly favor the preservation of tradition (in the sense meant by st. vincent of lerins) corporately over the brute exercise of authority, which leads to legal positivism (aka neocon catholics, or neo-catholics).

so i am very sympathetic to old catholicism and orthodoxy.  i think of myself as an old catholic.

so there it is, out in the open.

st. willibrord and all you holy ultrajectine saints, pray for me!  the pwp's are a-comin'!  :pray2:

*somewhere between uv-b and uv-c

[Image: Spectrum_with_UV_1.jpg]
I think I've moved from blue to purple pretty quickly in the last year or so. 

Not sure how I feel about it though.

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