Our Real Treasure
Man’s real treausre” is “God’s love”, which “gives meaning to our day-to-day tasks”, to our “struggles” and “falls”, and “also helps us to face great challenges”. These were the words of Pope Francis during the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square. “Let me ask you, where is your treasure? For you, what is the most important, the most precious, reality? The reality that your heart is drawn to like a magnet? Is it the love of God?”, the Pope said, commenting on the day’s Gospel, which “speaks to us of the desire to truly meet with Christ”.

“Someone may come back to me saying, ‘but Father, I have a job and a family. The most important reality for me is to work and to look after my loved ones...’ That’s right of course, but what is the force that keeps the family together? It is God’s love itself that gives meaning to our little day-to-day tasks. And this same love helps us to face our greatest challenges. That is man’s real treasure”. “Get on with your life showing love, the same love that God sowed in our hearts”, he said with a hand gesture. And as the pontiff said, “God’s love is not something vague, a generic feeling; God’s love has a name and a face: Jesus Christ”. “Because we cannot simply love the air around us, we love other people and that person we love is Jesus”, he said.


He went on to explain, “this is a love which gives value and beauty to everything else: to our families, jobs, study, friendships, art – to every human activity”. Furthermore, Pope Bergoglio added that it even gives hope to “our negative experiences, because it allows us to overcome them, to avoid being imprisoned by evil, it helps us to move on, to open ourselves up to hope, to the final horizon of our pilgramage”. In this way, even our struggles and falls become meaningful.

Given that the month of Ramadan recently came to a close, Pope Francis used the Angelus to offer a “greeting to Muslims across the world”, calling them “our brothers”, and calling upon “Christians and Muslims to seek to promote mutual respect, above all by educating future generations”.

Just think of the 1st commandment. God has to be first. There was a great sermon on this just the other week. Yes TLM mass. Fr said a lot of people say they will learn to love God with whole heart soul strength etc in purgatory. Fr said the only souls in purgatory are those who already love God more than anything else and are there purguring small faults. You wont get to purgatory if you don't love God more than anything while here on earth. Eye opening sermon.

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