I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
(08-17-2013, 12:43 PM)2Vermont Wrote:
(08-17-2013, 12:35 PM)Sant Anselmo Wrote: By "slipped through" I imagine the poster above is referring to it showing up on EWTN without being removed instantly by those who would prefer this information did not get to the average Catholic in the pews.  Since many Catholics view EWTN as a very authoritative source for information on the Church, it is much harder to dismiss things like this as the rantings of the "mad-trad" or "rad-trad" crowd, and they might actually be taken seriously and given the consideration they deserve. 

But of course, I could be wrong...  :) 
Ah, that does make sense. 

Now I'd really be surprised if I found it on Catholic Answers.

Indeed.  If that happened people might starting putting 2 and 2 together.  If they were to read this letter from a source that they trusted, and then perhaps read Benedict XVI's writings on the Sacred Liturgy, combined with Bishop Schneider saying that we need a syllabus of errors on the implementation of Vatican II, Cardinal Kasper's comments that Vatican II was intentionally misleading, along with the new Thomistic revival of the Order of Preachers, Bishop Finn and others saying that we need to reject the "spirit of Vatican II', Archbishop Sample's writings on the liturgy,  and so on and so forth, they might end up being traditional Catholics instead of neo-conservative ones, and the establishment Church cannot stomach that thought. 

Therefore, this information must be suppressed and hidden from those Catholics in the pews who might be responsive to it were they to have it presented to them in a coherent and understandable way. 

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