I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
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You all have probably known about this, but I am just finding this letter by Cardinal Ottaviani to Paul VI regarding the New Mass.


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I first read this letter about 7-8 yrs. ago. I agree with everything in it. The separation of the Tabernacle from the Altar, IMO., was an insult to all of us Catholics who had........all of our lives..........genuflected when we passed the Tabernacle. The Ad Populum  position of the priest succeeded in turning the Mass into a performance & on & on.

Cardinal Ottavani was very old during Vatican II. He served his Church faithfully for many, MANY years ,,,,,,,,,,,,, yet was ridiculed at the Council:

With continued world-wide interest in Vatican II, another internal matter concerning the proceedings of the Council concerning Ottaviani found its way into international news. During the October 30, 1962 session concerning changes to the Mass, he went beyond the 10-minute limit imposed on all speakers. Upon Octtaviani passing this mark Cardinal Tisserant, Dean of the Council Presidents showed his watch to the council president for the day Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht (whom the Associated Press described as "one of the most outspoken members...who want to see far-reaching changes inside the church."[6]). Ottaviani engrossed in his topic went on condemning the proposed changes, saying "Are we seeking to stir up wonder, or perhaps scandal, among the Christian people, by introducing changes in so venerable a rite, that has been approved for so many centuries and is now so familiar? The rite of Holy Mass should not be treated as if it were a piece of cloth to be refashioned according to the whim of each generation."[7] When he had reached fifteen minutes Alfrink rang a warning bell. When Ottaviani kept speaking, Alfrink signalled to a technician who switched off the microphone. After tapping the microphone to determine it was off, the half-blind Ottaviani stumbled back to his seat in humiliation while "there was scattered applause in the council hall" by members of the Council Fathers.


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