I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
(08-18-2013, 12:59 AM)JoniCath Wrote:
(08-17-2013, 03:18 PM)2Vermont Wrote: Anyway, this Cardinal should be named a saint.

Don't let the nitpicking bother you.

Cardinal Ottavianii was 63 yrs. in the priesthood. Scandalized by the reaction of his fellow Council Fathers, Ottaviani boycotted the next six council working sessions. When Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini of Palermo presided over the November 11 session he announced that "Ottaviani had been grieved by the Oct. 30 incident" and asked Council Fathers to refrain from voicing approval or disapproval with applause. This was a grievous insult to a holy man & it hurt him deeply.

There is absolutely NO excuse for that kind of behavior & at a Vatican Council??? Cardinal Ottaviani tried his best to save the TLM.,. he was ridiculed & hurt because he did. This was one of the first sour fruits of the council. Then followed:

**A Mass written by a freemason whose main purpose was to make it "palatable" to Protestants.
**A huge exodus of faithful priests & nuns.
**Poor Mass attendance.
**A dumbing down, not only of the Mass, but of our faith.
**Our Holy Mother was relegated to the dust bin, because our "separated brethren" were not comfortable with our devotion to her. That makes me so sad & I try my    best to make it up to her. She suffered so, watching what they did to her Son. (Look up Father Rahner's statement about the Marion Schema & you'll see what I mean.
**At least one third of our clergy are homosexual.
**Our pubescent & post pubescent boys were sodomized.,
**The blending of the ordained priesthood with the laity!

The fruits of the council are rotten to the core.

I guess they were applauding because they stopped him from talking.  I wasn't sure.  Disgusting.  And it also shows that most of the hierarchy agreed to all of this.  We're in a lot more trouble than we think.

Wrt to your list?  Cardinal Ottavani was prophetic indeed.

This letter is the nail in the NO coffin for me.  I will never set foot in another NO mass again (even if that means not going to Church on Sunday).  I wouldn't go to a Protestant church to fulfill my Sunday obligation, why would I go to this farce?

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