I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
(08-18-2013, 07:18 AM)Basilios Wrote: So why does the Catholic Church teach that it does? If it indeed doesn't, then 98% of Catholics are committing mortal sins on Sunday by not only not fulfilling their obligation but also participating in non-Catholic worship (as you claim, it is Protestant). In which case, the Church commands sin and has lost her mission completely. But if you deny that these people are sinning because they don't know that they aren't fulfilling their obligation, then you are going into some kind of Gnosticism where in order  to truly worship you must know the 'secret' knowledge of the Novus Ordo Missae.

No, that wouldn't be the reason they are not sinning.  The simple factor is the absence of sincere belief -- not just "knowledge" -- that one is sinning.  Millions of poorly catechized Catholics engage in grave matter of all kinds, 7 days a week, because of not-so-secret-knowledge which has not been, or is not being, shared with them in the regular course of their "observance" of the faith.  Not just are they granted tacit permission to engage in grave matter, they are often given explicit permission by priests to do so, or are not corrected when they proclaim that they are doing or will do such-and-such, and/or such grave matter is modeled for them by members of clergy and/or religious.

The majority of the laity believes that they are not sinning by attending the N.O. Mass -- including if that's a clown Mass or other less egregiously irreverent but otherwise sloppy excuse for a Mass.  And overwhelmingly, they are not given alternatives, which would tend to confirm for them that what is available is acceptable.  Therefore, they are not sinning.  Most have a sincerity of obedience and knowledge, both, meaning they are not sinning. 

As to the "Protestant" part:  again, that is what has been taught to them:  That Catholic liturgy is "fellowship" and "community" and hand-holding and all matter of social conversation in the nave of the Church, but with a valid Eucharist tacked on.

I will go further.  Given various misleading information on various websites, many Catholics believe that to attend a TLM is a sin.

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