I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae

This letter is the nail in the NO coffin for me.  I will never set foot in another NO mass again (even if that means not going to Church on Sunday).  I wouldn't go to a Protestant church to fulfill my Sunday obligation, why would I go to this farce?

I quit attending the Novus Ordo Mass, with it's EXTRAordinary EM.'s prancing all around the Sanctuary,  it's altar GIRLS, it's lectors, it's NOISE,  about 5 yrs. ago. (Except for 1 funeral I attended & that's another horrible subject.) I'd attended the TLM from the time I was born in 1941 until I was 28. That's when they first brought the "new Mass" into my diocese. I then attended it faithfully until 1985 & I started missing Mass for reasons that I would never have accepted before. Then God blessed me. We got a TLM in my city when SP was promulgated.

I didn't miss Mass again,( though it started at 12:30PM.). I purchased a 1962 daily Missal & a veil & felt like I was home, again. A few years later that priest was transferred to a parish in KC. where he could give this Latin Mass to more people. However, that left me a round trip drive of 150 miles to attend the TLM. My husband & I are retired & we just can't afford the gas.

Pope Benedict said that where there is a need for the Mass of the Ages the priests & Bishops were to fill that need. They were to make the Latin Mass GENEROUSLY available. They aren't. Therefore, I stay home & read my Missal & pray the Rosary & I think that God will accept that. (I'd be better off had I never prayed the Latin Mass at all. Because I grew up with it, DAILY, I knew how wrong this new Mass was.

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