I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
It is absolutely critical that Catholics who feel uneasy with their current Mass options express that uneasiness to their priests.  Not their bishops, their priests.  Pastors are responsible for The Bottom Line of parish collections, and are often transferred to other parishes for that reason and no other.  Now, in one parish I attended a couple of years ago, a priest did not listen to his parishioners when they appealed for more tradition of any kind (devotions, an accessible building in which to pray, frequent Confession, & more).  He had a blind spot, so -- not responsive to his parishioners -- he was simply moved to a parish with a more wealthy parishioner base. That parish, however, is basically the only such parish in his city, so the archdiocese was merely throwing up its hands in acknowledging that he is unable to attract more parishioners to enlarge the Sunday collections.

His former parish is now attracting more members because the TLM is being offered there once/week.  The attendance there is on the side of the TLM, not the N.O. 

Catholics need to lobby directly to their priests for the TLM, and tell their pastors that they will go elsewhere if a TLM is offered elsewhere.  And then when it is offered, vote with their feet, and contribute generously to the collection, only at those Masses. 

By the way, that is my personal form of Resistance. I am mostly obligated to attend N.O. Masses for various reasons, but those I attend are exceptions to the usual N.O.  Nevertheless, my contributions are small.  I give generously when attending the TLM.

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