I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
The Ottaviani intervention was actually written by  group of twelve theologians and priests under the direction of Archbishop Lefebrve, and then they asked Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci to give it to the Pope.  The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith ruled the critique to be exaggerated, inaccurate, and false.  As Basilios pointed out, afterward, Cardinal Ottaviani felt the concerns were adequately addressed and he accepted and encouraged all to accept the new rite as Catholic, explicitly affirming its doctrinal integrity (and affirming it was guaranteed by the Pope and Church).  Some claim that he was fooled into saying his concerns were addressed because he was old and blind, but those same people claim he was sharp and able to make his own judgments when he endorsed the critique of the other group.  I don't see how one can have it both ways.

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