I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae
(08-18-2013, 04:31 PM)JoniCath Wrote: I would like some documentation of your post. Where did you hear this. Please give us a link.

On Lefebrve's involvement:

The wiki article links to the other sources. 


Here is what is commonly cited in this regard:

“I have rejoiced profoundly to read the Discourse by the Holy Father on the question of the new Ordo Missae, and especially the doctrinal precisions contained in his discourses at the public Audiences of November 19 and 26, after which I believe, no can any longer be genuinely scandalized. As for the rest, a prudent and intelligent catechesis must be undertaken to solve some legitimate perplexities which the text is capable of arousing. In this sense I wish your ‘Doctrinal Note’ [on the Pauline Rite Mass] and the activity of the Militia Sanctae Mariae wide diffusion and success.” (Letter from his eminence Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani to Dom Gerard Lafond, O.S.B., in Documentation Catholique, #67, 1970, pages 215-216 and 343)

“The Beauty of the Church is equally resplendent in the variety of the liturgical rites which enrich her divine cult-when they are legitimate and conform to the faith. Precisely the legitimacy of their origin protects and guards them against infiltration of errors. . . .The purity and unity of faith is in this manner also upheld by the supreme magisterium of the Pope through the liturgical laws.”(In Cruzado Espanol, May 25, 1970)

It is well known in trad circles and not disputed that he said such things, which is why various articles have been written trying to explain it away as him being tricked into saying it (or at that the letter was forged)  by a certain Msgr. Agustoni.  In his introduction to the translation of the intervention published by TAN in 1992, Fr. Cekada summarizes the controversy.

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