I'm first finding this: Letter on Novus Ordo Missae

Yes, it does raise serious questions.  Vatican II, with it's Protestant-like liturgy and its document on ecumenism (which goes against pre-Vatican II teaching) seems more interested in making the Catholic religion more palatable to other religions than anything else. Since when does the Catholic Church care to do such things, let alone actually DO them? 

Validity has nothing to do with my reason for boycotting the NO. IMO. This Mass has done great harm to my Church & I cannot go on any longer,  enabling it. I don't believe that it is the work of God. I am a great fan of Thomas Aquinas. I do believe with him that, above all things one must follow that still little voice inside us, our conscience. It must be well informed & one must pray & agonize over such a thing as refusing to go to a Mass that is approved (not infallibly as the Council was simply pastoral & no dogma was involved. Pope John XXIII made that clear in his beginning statement.)

I could never join another faith though. I'll be Catholic through & through all of my life.

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