Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
Pope Francis is Shaking up the Catholic Right... and the Conservatives are taking it out on the Traditionalists


Quote:The Bergoglio Papacy is helping the "conservative" Vatican II Catholics realize they are a faction, making up just a small fraction of the Church, and not only that, but without the support of a reigning Pontiff saying and doing things that fit easily with their "conservative" ideology, they may find themselves members of a rather insignificant and marginalized faction.

The "conservatives" were never a majority among those who call themselves Catholic. Their parishes that utilize the “Benedictine Altar Arrangement” are few and far between—perhaps only one or two parishes in major cities are “Reform of the Reform” parishes, and only one or two parishes in whole dioceses have a side by side Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form Mass schedule. On the other hand, there are countless parishes in every diocese with the same old banal liturgical music, armies of “Eucharistic Ministers” (the title, “Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion”, never became uniformly used anywhere), altar girls, and are replete with the same liturgical abuses. The vast majority of church-going Catholics are liberals who don’t have a problem with artificial contraception, who choose not to believe any number of dogmas, and roughly half don’t think it a serious problem that they vote for pro-abortion politicians.

Once you carve out the incredibly huge majority of Catholics who are progressive, liberal, or who simply don’t care, and then carve out the traditionalists, like you and I, the “conservative” Vatican II Catholics make up a rather small minority in the Church Militant. This fact has been obscured by the fact that they have had, what they thought, at least, was a privileged place under the last two pontificates. The "conservatives" used to have the bully pulpit, but now no more apparently. The Bergoglio Pontificate, with its apparent lack of support for the conservative faction, is revealing just how much of a minority these “conservatives” are. The pain of marginalization is starting to set in for those who haven’t completely buried their heads in the sand.

The progressives and liberals are hailing Pope Francis as their pope; traditionalists have always pointed out the danger that Bergoglio was a progressive; and the “conservative” Vatican II Catholics are becoming bitter as they realize they have lost their vaunted position in the Church Militant. As a result, the “conservatives” are lashing out against their perceived enemies, and that includes traditionalists.

All of my online traditional Catholic friends are telling me the same thing, and I've seen it first hand. It is open season on traditional Catholics. “Conservative” Vatican II Catholics have worked themselves up into a lather, and their angst is evident  in many corners, from the Catholic Answers witch hunt for “RadTrads” and “Angry-Trads”, to Facebook trolls who stalk traditional Catholic pages, baiting traditionalists, and then hurling accusations of “Ragebook” at the traditionalists who defend themselves. It used to be that the Ars Orandi Facebook page was occasionally trolled by liberals, but since the election of Pope Francis, all the trolls there are bitter “conservatives”.

Could this explain some of the actions taken by CA and others over the last couple of months?  Hard to say.  It seems a bit far fetched to me, but perhaps there is a grain or two of truth in there. 

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