Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
What the traditionalists need to do imo, the religious orders/clergy as well as the laity, is unite. What divides sedes, independents, SSPX, and the rest really isn't that much.

For example, the sedes don't recognize the pope as a true pope. The rest of the true trads don't think he's orthodox, so if one doesn't accept everything he says or does, then he's not really accepted as pope is he ? If trads would admit this, then the wall between sedes and other trads crumbles.

Imagine if all trad groups were to unite. Think we are seen as a threat to modernist Rome right now ? I'm not sure what Rome thinks, but a united traditional Church Militant would certainly get their attention.

What if we did unite and formal schism is declared by Rome ? So what ? Schism from what ? A "holy see" that condones women wearing mini skirts receiving Communion ? They certainly do condone it. It's been going on so long in so many parishes, what other conclusion can we arrive at ? A bishop who truly believes in the Real Presence doesn't allow it.

Let's face it. It's all about money at this point. Sure the Catholic charities do much good. Perhaps more good than any other religious organization. There are many genuinely loving members of NO parishes. But all of the good we can see does not make the appalling sacrileges and scandals ok. And that greedy nut that got caught smuggling a ton of money ; what a perfect picture of what newchurch is truly all about  :LOL:

How about the conditions prescribed for the use of EMHC ? Flat out ignored in most parishes that use them. I can point to a parish that is very orthodox for an NO parish, but still, even with weekday Mass having 40 in attendance, as many as 3 EMHC's may be used. That simply can't be justified, especially considering I'm speaking of a Parish with at least 3-4 friars in the Priory at all times.

I'm sorry neo cats, but don't say the word "obedience" to me as long as guidelines/rules/protocol/the GIRM/rubrics etc. are ignored. If I want to engage in a crap shoot, I'll go shoot craps, not go to Mass.

Trads should unite. It's that simple. Check the egos at the door, clergy and laity alike. Forget the past, all of it. Fr Cekada, Bishop Williamson, Fr Pfeiffer, and the rest, fess up. Why did you become a priest ? To save souls ? Well, let's do it TOGETHER.

Trads have bishops. Trads have Apostolic Succession. Trads are orthodox and have Tradition to embrace.

I think it's time to realize that there is in fact a new religion and a non-Roman Catholic Church posing as one in the Vatican. There are some holy clergy there, but the problem is, they are in communion with the newchurchers. That is a compromise of the Faith.

There was a time when I'd argue that the SSPX needs to fight the good fight from within the Church instead of at the gate. But the fact is, it's not going to change. It's over. What used to go on in Rome, never will again. That doesn't mean the Gates have prevailed, it simply means that the true Church isn't found in Rome any longer.

It's time for trads to cut all ties with the newchurch. Unite and be done with it. Elect a Roman Catholic pope, choose a new location for the true Holy See and grow strong.

jmo, ymmv


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