Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
(08-17-2013, 11:23 PM)maldon Wrote: I think that you cannot see Tradition or the Church in remotely similar ways if you disagree on whether or not a man is pope. For a Catholic, too much depends on it. I imagine it is the same for sedes; otherwise they wouldn't want to be sedes. Take 2 priests, a sede and a non-sede trad: they can say the mass in identical ways, but that is just a similarity of motions. The Church, for each of these men, is completely different, which means that Christ's Body is completely different, and the meaning of history, including the history of salvation and their own personal histories, is completely different. You are left with a union of motions only.

So Whitey, I think the opposite is true. It would be a LOT easier if Pope Francis simply let both liberals and trads have the same freedom to duke it out in the Church. That's the easy road for us, because they will not get vocations, and we will, and then it is game over. All we need is freedom to live as we have and want. That freedom we have. The SSPX does not have it yet. Conservatives will just end up accepting whatever the hierarchy say, which will be a good thing when trads are in the hierarchy.

Noted ...you may be right.

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