Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
The article is right about conservatives and traditionalists being a tiny minority. We already knew that. But why are most Catholics "Catholic-in-name-only"? Because the Church is a top-down structure. If the leaders are liberal, the laity is going to be liberal. Liberal popes promote liberal priests to be liberal bishops. Conservatives are kept down or pushed out. It's been going on since Vatican II. Grass-roots movements (like the traditional movement) do not change a top-down structure like the Catholic Church. When the shepherd is struck, the sheep scatter.

Perhaps, then, this is just an acceleration of the rot. John Paul and Benedict kept up appearances and fooled us. Francis will come out of the closet. We do know that our narrative is the passion of the Mystical Body. The Church must be killed off before Christ rebuilds. That's what Malachi Martin was saying before he died, and Bergoglio might be the instrument to bring the Mystical Body all the way to entombment. Certainly, we must go to entombment before the resurrection, so maybe the faster the better? Even Christ shortened the crucifixion to a mere 3 hours before he gave up the ghost. And maybe this is a case where "these times will be shortened for the sake of the elect."

The "brick-by-brick" conservatives, though, are hopping mad because they thought things were finally turning around. Poor fools. Now they have a pope who calls the Blessed Virgin a pelagian.

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