Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
(08-18-2013, 02:20 PM)maldon Wrote: 2Vermont,
I understand your position, but I still think I am right. However, they would 'feel' closer, would 'feel' as though they have a lot more in common with each other than with "conservative catholics". But this is feeling, not reality. In the Catholic Church, the idea of the pope is so radical that everything must change depending on whether you believe the man in Rome to be the rightful pope or not. If not, you have absolutely no business listening to him, not for one second, because he is an imposter, and this would be the same even if you had a more trad pope. A man purporting to be pope who is in fact not pope, but is in fact trad in liturgical matters is an imposter and to be shunned, to the same extent that we have to obey, in matters of faith and morals, a man who is pope, though he be clueless on liturgical matters. An imposter-pope is the closest thing to Antichrist you can get, be he never so liturgically wonderful and full of finery and sedes gestatoriae.

Thus, to put the argument to its extreme, if Abp. Lefebvre thought that the pope was an imposter, there would be no SSPX today. There would be no FSSP either. There would only be sedes vs pagans. History would be so radically different, as it has to be when we make that call about the legitimacy of a pope. But as to the idea that we could do good by creating a schism against a rightful but clueless pope there can be no mistake: we would all meet in hell, and no good could come of it.

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