Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
(08-18-2013, 09:02 PM)iona_scribe Wrote: They'll come around.

Remember folks, if you see a new family walk into your Mass and sit down in the pew near you, smile at them. Then introduce yourself in the vestibule afterwards. A little goes a long way toward countering the misconceptions and making it a welcoming environment for people seeking refuge.

I agree! :)
When we were first coming into traditionalism, it was because we felt that JPII was a little too butt-kissy with proud enemies of the church.
We were personally offended that he apologized for the church's "silence" during the holocaust, but being the history buffs that we are, we knew the church was never silent and often priests and nuns risked their lives to hide and emigrate Jewish children and families to safe areas. But the media and thus the world, ate it all up with a golden spoon. We were shocked that such lies would be spoken by a pope and consider going full orthodox often. Then Benedict came in and we thought "now here's a real pope!" Then he retired and now we have Francis. We are losing faith in him daily.

But when we began to shift towards traditionalism, we were met with suspicion. No one wants to talk to us, help us or be friendly, so it seems that  to the newcomer, the spirit of Christ is only spoken of. It's harsh, but that's how it feels. We should open our hearts and arms to everyone, no matter their ultimate intentions because the line in the sand is being drawn and soon we'll see a polarization between liberal pro-abort pseudocatholics, and actual catholics.

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