Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
(08-17-2013, 02:04 PM)2Vermont Wrote: Generally speaking, I don't feel a hatred towards trads, but I do think that given enough time the "conservs" will join ranks with the trads.  Not too long ago I would have called myself a conservative, not a Trad. 

Added:  I wanted to add to the above that what I meant by "I don't feel" was  that I don't get a personal feeling of hatred towards me, a Trad.  Now if I go on CAF, that's a whole different ballgame.
However, when I see a parish priest needing special permission to have weekly TLM, then I start to go  :hmmm:

I don't believe the majority of neo con Catholics will side with trads when it comes down to taking sides.  I've been friends with many neo con's in the past and all it takes is for some Catholic Answers spokesman to perform mental gymnastics to put their minds at ease and they quickly except some new modernist play thing.  They may not like it, but they will go along to get along. 

A future example may be;

Pope Francis allows for women "deacons".  The Vatican will refer to them as, "extraordinary deacon's" who's so purpose is to assist the church in a minor capacity, such as the deaconess mentioned in one of the epistles (I forget which one).  Of course the Vatican will allow this knowing full well that through abuse, these deaconess will be baptizing, preaching and performing other duties that used to be reserved for the priest alone.  They will even prepare special vestments for them.  This will be considered a great accomplishment and pastoral event for the Church to the modernist.  One extra step out of the dark ages, so to speak. 

Naturally, the neo cons will be upset.  Groups such as Catholic Answers will be out in full battle dress to quickly quiet things down and explain how the Church cannot error and this will be good for the Church, we must trust the Magisterium and by the way the Pope mentioned he liked the Blessed Virgin so he's one of us.  The neo cons, who set side by side with the modernist in the pew at any given N.O. parish, will shut up, know their place and quickly settle in for yet another change. 


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