Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
(08-20-2013, 04:51 PM)lumine Wrote:
(08-20-2013, 02:04 PM)2Vermont Wrote: This rings so true to me.  I can no longer sit in the pew, shut up and settle in for yet another change.  Sitting in the (NO) pew has been an occasion of sin for me.

Hi 2Vermont, you have my curiosity.  How many Novus Ordo changes have you lived through?  How has sitting through the Novus Ordo, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, been an occasion of sin for you?  Did you go to Mass before 1969?  I have been to many reverent Novus Ordo Masses, so I am having a hard time identifying with you.  Perhaps you will enlighten me.  I'm not baiting you here, ok?

Thanks, Lumine

***Edit***I hit post before I actually got my answer typed here. I'm not 2Vermont but I've had the same experience. I started attending Catholic Masses almost 20 years before I finally swam the Tiber over 30 years ago, so I started while the Council was still sitting. I've lived through and observed all the changes to the Liturgy since the Council. I've never seen a 'clown Mass' or anything else that bad, tho' I was, once, subjected to a middle aged nun in a leotard doing 'liturgical dance' during Mass. On the other hand, while I've attended many reverent NO Masses, I've also attended many where the blatant disobedience to the rubrics and the law of the Church regarding the celebration of Holy Mass were so bad that I could confess the night before, enter the Church in a state of grace, and by Communion time be so sinfully angry that I could not receive Holy Communion. That is a scandal in the strict sense of the word.

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