Pope Francis is shaking things up, and the Conservatives don't like it
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(08-20-2013, 02:04 PM)2Vermont Wrote: This rings so true to me.  I can no longer sit in the pew, shut up and settle in for yet another change.  Sitting in the (NO) pew has been an occasion of sin for me.

Hi 2Vermont, you have my curiosity.  How many Novus Ordo changes have you lived through?  How has sitting through the Novus Ordo, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, been an occasion of sin for you?  Did you go to Mass before 1969?  I have been to many reverent Novus Ordo Masses, so I am having a hard time identifying with you.  Perhaps you will enlighten me.  I'm not baiting you here, ok?

Thanks, Lumine

You sure do sound like you're baiting me, but I'll respond initially.  My husband will always find something wrong at a NO Mass...ALWAYS (and as much as I would argue with him at the time, I now see that more times than not he is absolutely right).  There was a time when I had NO ISSUES with the NO at all (and I am a convert so I never attended Mass prior to 1969).  I find that, since reading up on Traditional Catholicism, I am more aware and pick up on things that I wouldn't pick up on in the past. When I go to a NO Mass now, I pray to God that the priest won't say something heretical or questionable.  Right before the homily, I am anxious.  The last NO mass I went to was blatantly heretical when the deacon offered a homily about how all religions worship the same God and how we're all destined for Heaven.  Since attending the TLM when I can, the difference is just so palatable in every way. Bottom line, the connection with the NO mass and VII are just too close for comfort.  It makes sense that since I have issues with VII that it spills over into mass.

I really really hope that my fiancee someday sees that more times than not I am absolutely right too (at least on the NO) :LOL:

It's been a real struggle trying to get her to go to a TLM with me. And the NO priest marrying us is like her hero, which sucks because he told us that the Bible is a big giant fairy tale and most of the things inside of it didn't actually happen and that it was written a long time ago so the words of God no longer apply to us.... but somehow "judge not lest you be judged" is like the one verse in all of scripture that IS to be taken literally and is the most important verse for our world today. And at the end of the the day, the central message of the Bible is all about equality and "fairness," ESPECIALLY Ephesians 5, even though it says all that stuff about husbands being the head of the wife, what St. Paul is REALLY trying to say is that they're not, and that man and woman are actually the same. BOY, good thing he set me straight on that! And don't even get me started on Thomas Aquinas! He thought women were misbegotten men, which is clearly contrary to what our world today says, therefore all of Aquinas' commentary on the epistles are completely invalid.

The funny part is most of you know I'm not even joking.

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