Our Greatest Poverty
Pope Francis welcomed the 34th Rimini Meeting, an annual gathering organized by the lay movement Communion and Liberation, by encouraging participants to bring Christ to those who do not know him.

“We are poor in love, thirsty for truth and justice, beggars of God,” Pope Francis wrote in an Aug. 18 letter to Bishop Francesco Lambiasi of Rimini, on the occasion of the opening of the gathering.

“The greatest poverty is in fact the lack of Christ, and until we bring Jesus to men we will have done too little for them.”

Straighten me out if I am confused.   I thought that God calls us and of course we respond to God's  inner call by conversion. That is how it happened with me.  I read the Bible, and of course it was a whole new wonderful  revelation to me  reading God's mighty wisdom and Holy book.
Sure we can preach on street corners out there, most the time it falls on deaf ears,we can't force folk to convert or listen to God's word.
And what about predestination, are some unfortunates out there already earmarked by God who knows  will never listen?

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