Final Conclave...anyone read it?
Ok, after coming across this website - - a while back, I've downloaded and read Windswept House and Hostage to the Devil. Interesting reads. I was going to give The Final Conclave a go...has anyone read it already? And what can ya tell me about it before starting? I had heard alot about the other two, but not so much this one.
I was going to that book next;  I followed your link to the site when you put it out a few weeks ago in a thread, and am now reading Hostage to The Devil.  Hostage to The Devil is better than I thought it would be; there are a few pretty uncomfortable pages, but a great job was done building the background of both the possessed and the exorcist in each case.

I have heard that The Final Conclave feels more dated than the other Martin novels but the reviews are solid and consistent 4 out 5  stars

I read it a long time ago. I found it alot more readable than The Jesuits. I read them back to back. During reading one of them, I became convinced of the traditionalist cause.
Me, too, I read them long ago. But the link you provided got me to re-read Windswept House. Fr. Malachi Martin was a good and great influence on my life. He may have been a liberal loon but somewhere in the late sixties he returned.

I had a penchant of reading all the Chicago Papers when we were still a five paper town. His narrative tied together all I had read those many years when investigative reporting was a noble calling, and he was brilliant at explaining geopolitics. Many think he was cuckoo but they believe NBC tells the truth.

Hostage had several pages I had to skip, it was too intense for me, but he straightened me out on understanding this mess has demonic roots. I often wonder if he had lived would his next book overturn this entire mess. Perhaps that's why he died, because he was about lay the axe to the tree.

I have not read any books by Father Malachi Martin, but I am first learning more about him.  For example, his thoughts on Cardinal Siri having been originally elected Pope in 1958.  Does the book in the OP discuss this?

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