Proposed New Subforum: Living The Gospel and the Virtues
(08-22-2013, 10:16 AM)Gidge Wrote: Sounds like a wonderful idea, as long as we keep it "philosophical" and not like Oprah, where we trot out our dirty laundry (CAF is famous for this -- "I did X this many times, etc")

I think if it were more like moral theology questions then it would work great.   :)

Confessions are for the confessional first anyway -- but sometimes confession to others is good for the soul and good for getting feedback, tips in overcoming challenges, etc.  Whether a person wants to "go there" or not depends a lot on how much he values his privacy (me, I tend to be the private type).  But confessional stuff aside, what I'd like to really see are stories of how people engage in acts of charity, organize volunteers to deal with one problem or another, etc. -- a greater emphasis on, well, what Guacamole said: living the Gospel as opposed to just liturgical matters and spiritual reading (all fine, good, and MOST important).

On that last note, I really lament that there exists the idea that it's an "either/or" situation with regard to "living the Gospel" and feeeeeeelings (as some folks like to pronounce the word) on the one hand, and traditional Liturgy and doctrine on the other. There is no dichotomy there in any philosophical sense (the two should go together like white and rice), but there seems to be such a dichotomy in the minds of a lot of Catholics. Not just a "dichotomy," but a sort of war -- a denigration of "feeeeeeelings" and the emotions and even the word "charity" on the part of some trads. This is especially puzzling to me since the traditional Sacramental rites are so awe-inspiring, so beautiful and, therefore, potentially, at least, very emotionally profound things. The felt-banner, happy-clappy stuff is to be avoided, of course, but caring about having a "relationship with Jesus" and warmth among parishioners doesn't have to be thrown out with the bathwater when reacting against a view of that sees the purpose of the Church as nothing more than producing "warm fuzzies."  Lots of Prots "win souls" bey filling the need people have to connect with others, to have a real, emotional connection with Christ that goes beyond the Eucharist on Sundays. We fail to learn -- rather, to re-realize -- that at our own peril. We denigrate the importance of fellowship and the emotions at our own risk -- and for no good reason whatsoever. There can be 100% pure traditional Sacramental rites and 100% sound doctrine AND Bible studies AND soup kitchens AND singles groups AND dances AND AND AND. We don't have to choose among them. And shouldn't.

That's a big problem today. In an effort not to be identified with the opposite group of Catholics, the thing which identifies the one is disregarded by the other. Christ was a contradiction, both what today is called liberal, and what is called conservative. He reached out in mercy and cured, and whipped the money changers.


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