This really made me sad. Coptic church destroyed.

I don't follow the news very well. I was aware of the attack on Christians in Egypt of course, but this is the first article I have read on the subject.
Take your pick, Israel, the wars we initiated, and the CIA Arab Spring, have all contributed to the old Christians there leaving in fear. In the middle east nothing is as it appears, and there is always subterfuge below the surface. Starting with "W" had he any real belief in Christ, he'd have given asylum to any and all Christians in the middle East. For any one that had a minimum understanding of those places it was apparent "W" didn't care one bit how many of the ancient Christian Churches were annihilated. He let it happen.

It is extremely upsetting. I read one place that claimed it is one of the first churches known dedicated to the Virgin Mary. I'm completely sickened by the lack of a response at all by the West in general, even from Pope Francis who hasn't really said much at all aside from "pray for them." Give me a break, reforms of the Church are second to working to save our brethren in Christ dying in Egypt and losing their homes and churches. There is absolutely no moral standing that the West has anymore. It's a Coptic Kristallnacht.
It is a sad thing, but it identifies something in us that is often overlooked.
We weep with them. Roman, eastern, Coptic, Russian, Greek, whatever. Though our bishops are not united, we, the laity, the body of Christ, are united.

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