Evangelization = Birra d' Nursia
Father S. Benedict said monks must work and pray. I saw this over at New Advent and got the video from youtube. This goes directly to what Vox has been speaking about.
This we should have on the Merry Prankster's Bus. I personally have had some success preaching in saloons. S. Thomas goes so far as to say if you get drunk while preaching not only isn't it a sin but to your merit. I'm not advocating drunkenness but three or four beers sure makes them listen better. Some years ago I had about six folks that would come to a tavern once a week to listen to me break down the Scriptures into today speech. Here's my fave monks, any Benedictines, and these are from Nursia and their birra.

Makes me want to move there...I want to find it next time I'm in Italy/Switzerland! :grin:

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