Radical Neo-Catholics: program next week

I'm not sure what he means by "Remnant TV," unless he means online videos, like Church Militant "TV."  In any case, I will look forward to his perspective next week.  And I'll probably bump this thread right before then.

Quote:Once again, The Remnant Forum will discuss the neo-Catholic witch hunt for "radical traditionalists".

Some tough questions for Catholic Answers Live as well as commentary on the latest example of persecution and police harassment of traditional Catholic media outlets in Europe.

Who's behind these bizarre attacks on traditionalists?

Why are the neo-Catholics taking pages right from the playbook of the Southern Poverty Law Center where their brother Catholics are concerned?

Tune in Wednesday of next week here on RemnantNewspaper.com to get the facts.
Now that the neocons have discovered "tradition" - that is to say - the Latin Mass (Catholic Answers employees can now enjoy TLMs offered right there at their headquarters) they want to make sure that they (the new Latin-Mass-loving-chapel-veil-wearing Catholics) are NOT confused with those mad-trads who see tradition as more than smell-and-bells!
The Remnant Newspaper has discovered TV via the net. Matt emcees segments and last I saw interviewed Chris Ferrara. Michael Matt has been been a guest speaker for Fr. Gruner and made some contacts with all of them, so naturally he's seen the advantage to online TV.  Voris too has begun a relationship with Chris Ferrara, so it's probably only a matter of time before all of them put up a loosely united front forward.


Here's a sample with my fave Dr. Rao

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