Intermittent Fasting's effect on growth hormone
Studies have shown now that if one fasts intermittently (for example only eating between the hours of 4pm and 10pm followed by an 18 hour fast until the next day at 4pm) their growth hormone can increase up to 2000%. This is especially effective if someone does their weight training a few hours before the end of the fast. So you both train fasted (eating fat before training stops the increase in GH) and wait a few hours before eating after training to get the maximum increase in GH. GH is also increased wtih High Intensity Resistance Training.

I think is cool when you realize the practicality of it. At the risk of sounding dualistic, God made our bodies incredibly efficient and intuitive machines. Early men often would eat this way. They'd likely hunt in the day having not eaten since the night before. (Catching the animal is their fasted state High Intensity Training) After they get their kill it's not like they can eat it right away.  It's going to take several hours to prepare and cook it before eating. (So they continue to fast for several hours after the training) They're doing all the things that science has now proved lead to the highest GH levels. Living this way turns you into a lean, strong, physically capable man.

Also just in general it's cool how practical it is that fasting increases GH production. The body is going [anthropomorphism] "Oh? You're not strong and fast enough to catch that food? Oh ok, here's some GH so your muscles can get bigger so we can eat." But if you're eating all day long and never fasting your body doesn't produce more GH "Oh I guess your muscles are pleanty big to catch the food you need. No need to help you make them bigger."  [/anthropomorphism]

You can get a ton of great info on intermittent fasting at  (warning a lot of foul language in the articles on that site.)

The fat has just been falling off my body since I started doing this. I've also gotten way stronger than I've ever been in my life.

edit: I am interested in thinking about why God made our bodies in such a way that if we eat fat after fasting it gets rid of the increase in GH, but if we eat totally lean protein or carbohydrates it has little to no effect (`10% less) on the increase in GH. I don't understand why God made us this way. I suppose most fat sources hunter gatherers got were from animals. Therefore as above, the body is saying "Oh you're eating fat, so you must be eating an animal, so you obviously don't need bigger muscles, so I'll stop producing GH." However, most protein sources would also be from animal sources would they not? So why doesn't consuming protein halt GH production like eating fat does? I suppose it could be that the most of the fat free protein sources they were getting (i.e. the small amounts of protein in fruit or vegetables)  were not from animals. Therefore eating these fat free proteins would not make there body turn off the GH. The body would still think "oh you're just eating fruit and veggies, better keep the GH on so you can grow muscle to catch an animal."

The fact that God made our bodies this way also makes me wonder if we ever really intended to live this way. Most people today live like kings of the past, never really doing any physical labor and eating as much as they want whenever they want. If God wanted us to live this way, why would He design our bodies in such a way that we become weak and fat under such conditions? Even until 150 years ago, the vast majority of people had to do some physical labor for their life. Modern western society is totally unnatural and making us all fat weaklings.
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I liked the anthropomorphism.  :) It made the ideas make a lot more sense.  :dunce: The only people I can think of who would eat this way on a semi-rgular basis, are observant Muslims during Ramadan (sp). Unless there are some super-fasting Catholics out there (not me) who only eat the main meal during Lent and forego the two snacks. I wonder if observant Muslims' GH level increases during Ramadan?
Charlie Bronson, the infamous solitary confinement criminal of England, is a big fan of fasting, and look at what the guy can do!  He talks all about it in his book solitary fitness (its an interesting read, apart from the weird chapter on "genital training"; and he gets really excited about colon cleansing too, but when you're in solitary for 30 some years...)

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