Pope Francis Halts the Naming of Monsignors Worldwide

Pope scales back honorifics
Robert Mickens in Rome - 12 September 2013

Pope Francis has temporarily stopped the practice of naming priests "honorary prelates", which allows them to take the title "monsignor".

The only exception is for those clerics who work in the Holy See's diplomatic service. The Rome daily, Il Messaggero, reported the decision today.

The Tablet has learned that the Pope communicated the decision on 12 April, shortly after his election, to top officials the Secretariat of State, the office that grants approval to bishops around the world who propose priests for the honorary title.

During that meeting, Francis said he wanted the granting of such onorificienza to be put on hold at least until October, after he had met his group of eight cardinal-advisors to discuss reforming the Roman Curia and governance of the universal Church.

It is not clear if the discontinuation of permitting priests to take the title "monsignor" will remain just temporary provision, or if the title will be made obsolete permanently.

The practice of awarding priests with the honorary title of monsignor was reduced drastically in many parts of the world after the Second Vatican Council, but has been re-adopted in a growing number of dioceses in the past several years.
There are some very hard-working priests that deserve these onorificienza.  There is already a mandate that no more than 15% of priests in a diocese can hold ANY grade of monsignor.  I can report that only one very old priest in our diocese holds the highest non-episcopal title of Protonotary Apostolic.  I think this may be a bit reactionary and will be reinstated after the "Super Cardinals" meet next month. :doh:
Why this new legislation? What of clerics who already have the title?

I can understand reducing titles that honor persons, but I don't understand reducing titles that represent Church authority, which represents Christ. Some Msgrs are given that title based on merit; some because of the position of authority they hold.

Anyway, I pray every night the Holy Father will be faithful to his Office. May God bless him.

Another lesson in humility... they should remain simple priests.
One more move to denigrate the Office of the Papacy. Our 'humble' Pope doesn't think the Bishop of Rome, which is obviously how he sees himself, needs Apostolic Protonotaries, Honorary Prelates, or Chaplains of His Holiness to honour the Office he holds.
This is an example of deconstructing hierarchy., albiet, monsignor is an honorary title.
Maybe the Bishop of Rome should just be called Pope on special occasions.

And Cardinals should just wear red during papal conclaves.

And no more kissing the bishop's ring.

And call our priests Mr. Bob.

Seminarians must wear lay clothes until ordination.

Priest-aspiring altar boys should not wear cassock and surplus, just shirt and pants.

No more Latin names for single-celled organisms.


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