Possible Solutions for Dealing With Forced Purchase of Obamacare
I've been doing a bit of research on how to legally avoid paying into abortion and contraceptive-funding "health" insurance plans.  Here's a short list of the interesting bits and pieces I've picked up so far.

It looks like there's a clause in the law that gets people off the hook for mandatory purchase if the lowest cost plans on the exchange exceed 8% of a person's taxable income.  This is for individuals at least.  I'm not sure if families get the same benefit or not.  Preliminary research indicates that families who are uninsured may get the shaft unless they are below the poverty level.

Supposedly there's a law that each state must make at least one abortion-free plan available but I haven't seen any indication of contraceptive-free plans.

Smokers may find it easier to escape paying into the system since it appears their premiums will be 50% higher.  This will make it more likely that their options will all exceed the 8% level and thus give them an exemption.

I haven't run the numbers yet but it's quite possible that judicious use of tax-deferring retirement plans and charitable contributions can be used to lower the taxable income enough to take advantage of the 8% clause.

There's an exemption for religious objections but such laws seldom protect Catholics so I wouldn't count on that.

That's all the information I have for now.  If anyone is interested in knowing more they'll have to speak with an accountant or do their own research.  I'm no CPA and I can't guarantee that anything I posted is 100% reliable.  It's just a good starting point for further research.

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